Automation of home utilities ensures their clear interaction to create a zone of maximum safety and comfort of living. All communications are united into one network, the elements work in a coordinated, interconnected way, under constant control.

How does a smart house system work?

The main equipment is controlling, actuating devices, sensors/sensors/buttons/switches, and other components. The controlling elements receive signals from sensors, and then control the work of the executive devices. Data exchange takes place via wired buses or without cable, via radio channel.

Wired technology is characterized by fast response to commands, high reliability of the elements, the ability to connect additional equipment for the implementation of various scenarios. The only thing you will have to think about is where to place the buttons, build a scheme in advance, determine the points of cable output to the control panels.

How can we help?

To understand the huge variety of systems for a smart house is difficult even now. We make reviews of various devices, understand compatibility with other elements, show you where you can buy cheaper devices. With the help of our site you will be able to create your own smart home on your own or with minimal help from professionals.